Our experts carry out comprehensive, extensive, and methodical brake inspections on your vehicle as well as every automobile we service. Detecting a problem and providing the solution requires to have technicians that not only can spot existing or potential problems, but also have the know-how and precision to restore brake effectiveness. Our brake inspection and maintenance is matchless, that you can count on.

Brake Inspection includes checking your brake:

  • pads / shoes
  • calipers
  • wheel cylinders
  • hardware (springs and adjusters)
  • hoses
  • parking brake cables
  • rotors (and/or drums)
  • fluid condition
  • wheel bearings and grease seals
  • master cylinder fluid exchange

The part of a brake system which commonly needs replacement are the brake pads which clamp down on the discs. When the pads worn out, they don’t make a smooth connection with the discs a condition that can damage them by creating rough spots.  A worn or damaged brake pads and discs increases your vehicle’s stopping distance and an increase in the possibility of having a collision.


How often should I have my brakes inspected?
A yearly checkup will give you the confidence and guidance of our expert technicians as well as provide you with the best opportunity to spot the necessary minor repairs in order to avoid the bigger and costlier ones. Don’t hesitate to contact us If you’re experiencing any warning signs, it’s a matter of life and safety.